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WITGRITFIT is a new way of approaching careers.

We curate an ever-expanding suite of career tools, workshops and resources to help students and working professionals discover their life purpose and build career resilience. In an approachable, gamified way.

Working with governments, businesses and schools, we leverage the power of design and technology to bring the best in career development practice to all. At scale.

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The best career outcomes happen when an individual’s WIT, GRIT, and FIT are aligned to their jobs.

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Impacting Lives with WITGRITFIT Workshops:

Through an engaging, interactive experience, I have been able to discover my strengths and their uses in various career paths. The simulation allowed me to learn about what levels of education and skills are needed for any particular career, and how I can best set myself up for success in any field.

Molishka Heriveaux
University of Florida

The workshop confirmed our beliefs that success in life can be achieved when we work in industries that resonate with our aptitudes (SMARTs), interests and talents. While we still hold education as a priority, we felt that it is better to encourage our children on paths of their choosing.

Meiling Wong
Meiling Wong
Parent blogger at Universal Scribbles

The learning journey has increased my awareness when it comes to planning for my future career pathways. Through games, I’ve also realized that each of us are different individuals with different aspirations and we must not succumb to peer pressure when it comes to choosing our career options.

Alan Gayles
Alan Gayles
15 year old, Changkat Changi Secondary School

I think the Career Design Simulation Workshop was very intuitive and engaging. Originally, I had thought it to be like any other workshop where I would sit and listen to a presenter, but it was definitely not the case!

As an avid gamer, I enjoyed this workshop a lot and thought it was extremely accurate.

He Le
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School