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New Career Development Approach

 and Jacintha Phua presented Avid’s WITGRITFIT Career Design Game and Workshop at the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) (ICSEI 2022) last week.

At our Paper session, we were excited to present a literature review on “Career Design as a Core Critical Skill” where we propose that teaching career design early in schools enhances social equity.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet practitioners, policymakers and academics in the field of school effectiveness and improvement and learn from their work over the past year.

Here’s an extract from the paper:
“Given the rapid changes in many industries around the world today, this puts students from less privileged backgrounds at a disadvantage because they lack the social resources to find answers to important career related questions on their own. This in turn limits their career options and opportunities (Deforge, 2015), leading to poorer overall outcomes for less privileged youth.

Combined with the likelihood that educational commitment to career choices is generally made in one’s youth (Sharf, 2013), it becomes critical for schools to start helping our young people grow into and explore their future careers, so that social mobility is made possible.”

Relational Resources for Career Development

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