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The Importance of Internships

Having the some form of work experience is beneficial for students. Employers are always on the lookout for employees that can contribute as much value to the organisation. Unfortunately, completing a diploma or degree is no longer enough to secure the best offer in today’s economy.

The bar is set high even for entry-level jobs. It is not uncommon for employers to expect candidates to have some work experience prior to joining their organisation. 

An internship is the best opportunity for young professionals to pick up new skills and experience the working world. Continue reading to learn how internships can benefit students embarking on their career journey.

Develop Work Skills & Experiences

Learning how to solve real-world problems is one of the benefits of an internship. It is a great way to test industry knowledge and further sharpen a student’s skillsets, be it technical or soft skills.

The classroom setting can only teach students so much. Without hands-on experience, a student would not be as acclimated to working conditions such as work culture, dealing with stakeholders, time management and teamwork.

For example, taking up an accounting internship teaches practical accounting principles and how to apply it to working goals. Without internship experience, the student may not be fully aware of the nuances of leadership and dealing with clients that come with the role. 

Explore a Career Path

Internships allow students to be more familiar with the ins and outs of their chosen industry before committing their tertiary education to it.

Through internships, students can decide if a field is something they would like to pursue. Ideally, every internship opportunity should leave them more aware of the role and their chosen industry.

An internship can also be used as an indicator to assess if a career is something students may want to consider early on. For example, if a student prefers a job that is spontaneous and allows frequent travel, a 9-to-6 desk job may not be for them.

Enhance Your Resume

One of the other benefits of an internship is the ability to increase a student’s marketability in a sea of resumes. Seeking employment can be a challenge without the right credentials.

The job market is competitive and there could be hundreds of other candidates applying for the same role.

An internship can give a student that competitive edge because it shows employers how they can be a potential fit for their organisation. It also shows initiative to learn about a career path outside of school or university.

Network with Field Professionals

Networking is another important aspect of professional growth that can benefit students. Through an internship, a student is able to build connections to further their work opportunities.

When students network with people of the same interests, they learn more about the industry, build beneficial relationships and create pathways for growth.

Building connections also helps by potentially getting more work opportunities later on in a student’s career. Getting along well with colleagues allow interns to hear of new job openings or receive a stellar letter of recommendation to use for their next job application. Your chances of impressing the hiring manager is higher when you come highly recommended by a colleague. 

Likewise, if a student chooses to stay on with that organisation, the hiring manager would more likely offer them role because of the student’s contributions to the organisation as an intern.

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There are various online tools that help students discover their strengths, personalities and possible career paths. Exploring these options help students get a better picture of the type of careers that suit them.

Workshops and motivational talks are also avenues that schools can explore to help students build their careers.

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