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Avid Adventures brings WITGRITFIT to Northland Secondary School for the second time

We’re so glad to be back in classrooms, exploring the world of careers with students again! On the 8th of March, we visited Secondary 2 students of Northland Secondary School to run our WITGRITFIT Workshop for the second time.

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On the event day, over 200  students across six classes attended the workshop and tried their hand at our Career Design Game

Aaron Rajoo, Northland’s Head Of Department in Character and Citizenship Education said, “It’s generally difficult to keep students engaged in career conversations, but the Career Design game really caught their attention. We will be expanding this to other levels in the school.” 

During the session, students created their own characters, chose their education paths, applied for jobs and decided how to spend their money. Life cards were dealt in the game and students had to decide what they wanted to do during retrenchment and other life events. 

Students immersed themselves in the simulation, building what they felt were important to them. At the end of each game session, students got to view the leaderboard of the top earners, those who held the highest positions, the happiest people, most educated and the average salaries in each industry.

The highlights of the day were seeing how students thrived when their career paths aligned with their values.

A student of class 2T1 was the top earner and happiest person throughout the games. Since material wealth was his career anchor, he worked his way up the ladder in a wealth related trade. 

The saddest millionaire

Username Bob from class 2T4 ended the session as a millionaire, but ranked lowest in career satisfaction. He accumulated wealth throughout his career but didn’t spend a single dime. He was deemed the ‘Saddest Millionaire’.

Another student in 2T5 started off with a $20,000 debt, but pressed on in the game. He completed his education in Human Resources and focused on building his career in HR. In the final round, he was promoted 3 times and ended the session as one of the top 6 earners in the game. 

He learned that, “Life isn’t always fair. It may be hard at the beginning, but persevere and keep trying again.”

Career resilience in the face of retrenchment

Another student worked his way to become a Chief Editor until he experienced retrenchment. Though he already held two PhDs in IT and media, he decided to pursue another one in Healthcare when he lost his job. His choice to pivot and change industries helped him understand the concept of career resilience.

After the game, students get to complete their Career Canvas where they identify their unbeatable advantage by putting down what they felt was their WIT, GRIT and FIT. 

It is always amazing to see students discover their career anchors, develop the confidence to make career decisions and experience what it’s like in the real world.

This is why we love to do what we do; working with passionate individuals like Aaron, empowering students to make good career choices and seeing them work towards a career that is aligned with their values. We look forward to returning to Northland Secondary in 2023!

Find out more about WITGRITFIT Workshop here or contact us for a free demo.

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