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WITGRITFIT Workshop partners with GEAR UP Idaho

On the 6th to 9th December 2021, Avid Adventures partnered with GEAR UP Idaho to bring the WITGRITFIT Career Design Workshop to schools across the state of Idaho. 

Over 1,800 students from 14 schools experienced the gamified workshop and reported to have a clearer understanding of the working world. 

In this online workshop, students experience life, education and jobs through a simulation game which motivates and prepares them for the workforce. Students also discover their career aspirations, gain insights to their career personality and strengths, and explore their career paths.

My top takeaway from the game is to never get in debt, because it is really hard to come back from that.” -Student

“Life is going to take you in a lot of directions, and you’re not always going to end up with the same job you began with.” -Student

“I’ve learned that in order to get money, you need a job. And to get a job, education is needed. I’ve learned that education is very important.” -Student

This group is the first batch of students in the state to experience the career design game coordinated by GEAR UP Idaho State Coordinator Jacque Deahl and Program Coordinator Danielle Taylor.

I’m in love with this programme and the amount of skills and context it provides to students that sometimes we have a hard time explaining.” 

– Jacque Deahl, GEAR UP Idaho State Coordinator

GEAR UP Idaho focuses on early intervention initiatives to help students graduate high school and prepare them for life in college.

It also focuses on addressing the education gap caused by the divide in family income and helps support professional development for teachers to improve learning outcomes in the classroom. 

Learn more about GEAR UP Idaho at: 

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