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Career Design Workshop
For Individuals

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For Individual

Thinking of a mid-career change, or feeling like you are lagging behind your peers? This may be the career guidance workshop you need.

If you haven’t used your Skillsfuture credits, here’s your chance to use them to propel your career. In this Skillsfuture credit-eligible workshop, experience life, education and jobs through a simulation game

People learn best through experiential learning. This is what makes the game enjoyable and the career design message so sticky. Participants will learn the career design WIT, GRIT and FIT message and discover their career aspirations, gain insights to their personality and strengths, and learn how to better design their ideal career

All jobs and skills are based on Singapore’s Skills Framework, which was co-created by industry leaders, education institutions and the government for the Singapore workforce.

Key Features

Device Friendly Icon

Device-friendly: Play on mobile, tablets and laptops

All Ages Icon

Suited for Ages 13-60: Engaging and intuitive interface

Create Character Icon

Create Character: Role-play as a unique character

Work Gain Skills Icon

Gain skills and get promoted

Admin Panel Icon

Admin Panel: Customise games and view statistics

Many More Icon

And many more features below…

Configure your player’s strengths, character and values.

Game Interface on Platform

Go from primary school to PhD.


Identify your skill gaps against desired jobs in the Career Centre.

Find a job that matches your personal values.

Start working, earn money, gain work experience.

Get promoted and achieve your dreams!


Buy anything from budget travel to luxury homes.

And even upgrade your look!


Customize the game according to your players’ needs.

Use graphical analytics to drive discussions.

Motivate and challenge players with leaderboards.

Employee Sectors
WITGRITFIT Leaderboard

Where our WITGRITFIT workshops have made an impact:

• SkillsFuture Festival opening weekend
• SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Carnival
Train the Trainers Programme for Education and Career Guidance (ECG) officers and Polytechnic lecturers
• Primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions (ITE, JC, Polytechnics)
• US Charter School based in California


Who we’ve worked with:


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