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Just because we can do a particular job well does not mean we will find fulfilment doing it.  In our career guidance workshop, we aim to help you discover your unique career fit. In seeking career development or job enrichment opportunities, many often overlook career fulfilment as a key part of the equation.

Edgar Schein’s 8 career anchors, John Holland’s RAISEC profiling tool and Dr Howard Gardner’s “Beyond Wit and Grit: Rethinking the Keys to Success” serve as important conceptual anchors for answering the question “What environments can I shine the best in?”

In Gardner’s The Good Project, he outlined how he pioneered the field of Multiple Intelligence (WIT), touched on the increasingly popular topic of grit, and then concluded that there is more to that.

The Good Project website provides some career guidance on the gaps that Gardner identified, and some of these revolve around:

  • Values (Deck of 30 Value Sort Cards)
  • Purpose (Toolkit with questions like “What is the primary goal of your work?”, “Is there an overarching goal that gives meaning to what you do?”)
  • Practicality (Toolkit with questions like “How will you know when you have ‘made it’?” and sample narratives which are essentially case studies on career decisions).

These are broadly similar to that Richard Bolles identified in this book What Colour is Your Parachute. There, his “7 petals” framework comprised of fields of interests, skills, preferred working conditions (including practical considerations like preferred level of responsibility, salary and work locale) and coherence with purpose in life.

They are also complementary with Edgar Schein’s 8 identified Career Anchors of

  • Technical/ functional competence
  • General managerial competence
  • Autonomy/ independence
  • Security/ stability
  • Entrepreneurial creativity
  • Service/ dedication to a cause
  • Pure challenge and
  • Lifestyle

At Avid Adventures, we have chosen to term these factors as “FIT” –
how well a particular job fits that job seeker.

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