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Career Design
Life Simulation Workshop

Discover purpose and build career resilience

In this online workshop, experience life, education and jobs gamified and learn about your unique WIT GRIT FIT and other important career design principles.

People learn best through experiential learning. This is what makes the game enjoyable and the career design message so sticky.

While playing through a simulation of life, participants will learn the career design WIT GRIT FIT message through game elements and facilitated discussions.

All jobs and skills are based on Singapore’s Skills Framework, which was co-created by industry leaders, education institutions and the government for the Singapore workforce.

Where our WIT GRIT FIT workshops have made an impact:

  • SkillsFuture Festival opening weekend 
  • SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Carnival
  • Train the Trainers Programme for Education and Career Guidance (ECG) officers and Polytechnic lecturers
  • Primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions (ITE, JC, Polytechnics)
  • US Charter School based in California

Who we’ve worked with:

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