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Future-Ready Work Life

We curate a suite of career tools, workshops and resources to help students and working professionals discover purpose and build career resilience.

In an approachable, gamified way.

Leveraging the power of technology, we work with governments, businesses and schools to bring the best in career development practice to all.

At scale.

Career Design Simulation Workshop

Participants learn about career design experientially through the Career Design Simulation and apply the WITGRITFIT framework to find their unique advantage.

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Free Skills Tools

Your organisation can use our free career tools to:

  • Perform skills gap analysis for their current or desired job
  • Prepare for a promotion
  • Identify upskilling needs
  • See similar jobs with more than 70% skills overlap
  • See skill requirements for specific jobs
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Who We Are

At Avid Adventures, we are all about helping students and working professionals navigate the rapidly changing and increasingly complex world of jobs.

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